The VA gives money each month to veterans who were hurt or got sick while serving in the military. This money is tax-free and is called disability compensation. Veterans with one or more conditions connected to their military service can apply for this benefit.


Some veterans have very severe conditions, and they get more than the usual compensation. This is called Special Monthly Compensation (SMC). It’s meant for disabilities that are more serious than what the regular compensation covers.

Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU)

  • Total disability based on individual unemployability (TDIU) is a VA disability benefit that allows for veterans to be compensated at the 100 percent disability rate, even if their combined rating does not equal 100 percent.  VA awards TDIU to veterans who are unable to secure and follow substantially gainful employment due to one or more service-connected conditions.


Additional Compensation for Dependents: If a veteran has a disability rating of 30% or more and has family members like a spouse, parents, or children, they can get extra money.

VA Pension: The VA gives money to veterans who are older, have a disability not connected to their service, and don’t make much money. This is called VA Pension.

Aid and Attendance (A&A): Some veterans need regular help from someone else for daily activities because of their health. Aid and Attendance benefits are for these veterans, and they get more money than regular VA pension or disability compensation.

VA Healthcare Benefits: The VA has a big healthcare system for veterans. To qualify, veterans usually need to have health issues related to their military service.

Exemptions from Healthcare Copayments: Some healthcare services don’t need any copayments. This includes care for service-connected disabilities, special exams related to military service, and other specific services.

Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids: The VA can help with routine vision and hearing tests, but it usually doesn’t pay for glasses or hearing aids. However, in some cases, the VA can provide them.

CHAMPVA: CHAMPVA helps pay for medical services for the family members of certain disabled veterans.

VA Dental Care Benefits: Getting dental care through the VA is tough, but veterans can buy dental insurance at a lower cost.

Education Benefits for Disabled Veterans: There are education programs for the dependents of veterans who died or were disabled because of their military service.

Vocational Readiness and Employment (VR&E): This program helps disabled veterans get ready for and find a job.

VA Housing Grants and Mortgage Life Insurance: Veterans who need to change their homes because of their disabilities can get money from the VA. There’s also insurance for veterans with mortgages.

VA Clothing Allowance Benefits: Veterans with certain disabilities can get money each year to help buy special clothing.

VA Automobile Allowance and Adaptive Equipment: Veterans who can’t drive because of their disabilities can get money for a specially equipped vehicle.

Free Tax Preparation: Disabled veterans can get free help with their taxes.

Concurrent Retired and Disability Pay: Some veterans can get both their military retirement pay and disability compensation.

Life Insurance for Disabled Veterans: There are life insurance options for disabled veterans and their families.

Survivors Benefits: If a veteran dies because of their military service, their family can get benefits.

Military Funeral Honors, Memorial Items, and Veterans Cemeteries: Veterans can receive honors at their funerals, and some may be buried in special cemeteries.